"I just thought I would pass along our many thanks for what you guys have done since you took over as our property managers, it has been a joy to not have heard any complaints, concerns & quite frankly haven't heard anything!!! No news is good news, I felt like it was beyond the time to sit down and write out a heartfelt thank you because the peace of mind you have provided us is priceless!!! God bless you both, take care! "
- Ron & Michelle M.

"Thank you so much for taking over the responsibilities of the rental house and for helping us through it all! We really appreciate everything you have done!"
- The K. family

"Just realized I never sent you feedback about Kent Barr with Frontline. He did a great job managing my properties. Working with Kent was a very pleasant and easy experience. I always received checks on time, and never had to do anything regarding the properties beyond saying yes to a few minor expenses that are normal for a property. They were rented throughout most of the time he managed them and he was very helpful throughout the sales process. We did have an issue with the tenant who bought the 31st street property, but that was not Kent's fault at all.

I appreciate you connecting me to Kent, and would happily recommend him to anyone else seeking a property management company.

Thanks Again for the info, I sent someone else his way and they said they same thing as you."

- Brett A. & Scott C.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you how great it was working with you both as theleasing and exit agents on 313 E. Ryegate Dr. Meridian, 10.

It is always a pleasure working with professionals and you both are exceptional at what you do. Wishing you all the best! "

- Terry T.

"Thank you again to you and Kent for the great help you have been for us with our house up there. We appreciate working with you and the great help you have been! We are glad to be done with the house but will miss working with you both.

If I ever hear that someone needs property managers in the area up there, I will be sure to send them your direction. :) Thanks again!"

- Melody P.

"Thanks so much for getting the measurements for us. I am going to go over them with my husband when he gets home from work here shortly. I will be in touch.

By the way, you guys are excellent with customer service!!!! I can't tell you how many realtors and other property managers never respond, return calls, or emails. Thanks again! "

- Lora M.

"Kent & Jennie, You guys are the greatest !!! ... I so appreciate your prompt response to this ... as, it helps me meet an aggressive deadline with some banking people that Dr. K is working with ... As always, I will let Dr. K know of your usual prompt and professional response, whenever info is needed for his “Idaho properties” ..."
- Jim S.