Make sure the property that you are interested in is still available and you qualify per below before submitting your application

The Search is over, at Frontline Residential Property Management we like to make sure your renting experience a good one. Frontline follows all federal, state and local laws regarding the application process. Each application is screened without regard to race, color, religion, handicap, sex, familial status or national origin of applicant. The staff at Frontline is trained and educated on the latest local, state and federal statutes pertaining to rental regulations. 

The Application Process 

Applications must meet the requirements of this Guideline. Each applicant 18 years of age and older must complete a separate application and pay the application fee of $40, which is non-refundable. 

Frontline does not accept Section 8 Housing Vouchers. 

1. All adults planning to reside on the property must complete the application
 2. The application must be legible or submitted online
 3. Application fees are to be paid in CASH, ONLINE or MONEY ORDER/CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY – no exceptions 

4. The application must be signed by all adult applicants planning to reside on the premises 

5. Applications with the following may be denied. Felony record within the last 7 years, Judgments for evictions, or debt owed to another landlord on record, multiple criminal activities, and sex offenses of any kind, credit below our listed 525 policy or bad landlord references. 

6. Additional applications will continue to be accepted until the approved applicant has signed the lease and paid the security deposit 

7. As a representative of the property owner, we have a legal obligation to the owner and will choose the first qualified application if more than one has applied 

8. Processing will normally be completed within 48 hours however; it can take longer if a complication arises such as difficulties contacting your past landlords or other references. 

9. A copy of applicant's driver's license or other federal issued ID is required and will become part of the completed application 

10. All information on application is subject to verification. Credit Score below 600 may require a double security deposit. 700 or above may be approved right away Credit scores under 525 will be automatically denied. Credit scores returned as N/A and showing bad credit will be denied. Credit scores returned as N/A with no credit history will be considered with a double security deposit. 

11. Applications will be denied if falsified
 12. Once approved, each applicant must sign the lease and be fully responsible for the lease, rent or any fees due 

13. If an application receives a negative reference, does not meet income requirements or has concerning criminal activity other than a felony, an approved Co-Signer may be necessary, required to sign the lease and accept financial responsibility along with the applicant. A Co- Signer must live with-in the U.S. and have a credit score of 700 or better. 

14. Frontline bases its decision to accept an applicant on credit, previous landlord information, employment, income and criminal record combined. For example, if you have excellent credit but you do not meet our income criteria, a co-signer may be required. If you have low credit and do not meet our income criteria, a double security deposit and co-signer may be required. We will look at the other items such as employment and criminal record to assist us in making a decision. If multiple negative items are found, your application may be denied. 


Rental History 

Applicant must have good rental references for 6-months or more within the last 18- months unless applicant has just sold their home or still owns a home. Relatives are not acceptable as rental references. Application may be denied for evictions, damages beyond normal wear and tear, illegal activity on premises, refusal to re-rent by previous landlord or a balance still owed to previous landlord and any utility companies. 


Application(s) may be denied unless rent is no more than 40% of verifiable household income. Unemployment, food stamps, student loans, alimony and child support are never considered income. 

Criminal Background 

A criminal record verification is made on all persons over the age of 18 who will occupy the property. The following items could be cause for the application to be rejected include but are not limited to conviction of (1) Illegal drug or gang involvement of any kind, (2) Any violent act against another person, (3) Vandalism, Arson, etc. (4) Burglary, (5) Criminal Trespass, and (6) Stalking. Any felony within the past 7 years may not be accepted and must be free from any probation requirements for 5 years before applying. Any felony and time served older than 7 years will be considered at Frontline's discretion. 

Pet Policy

Due to insurance costs and limitations, Frontline does not allow the following breeds of pets in any of our properties: (1) Pit Bull, (2) Rottweiler, (3) Chow Chow, (4) Doberman Pinscher, (5) American Staffordshire Terrier, (6) Wild species such as Coyote, Wolf and Dingo, (7) Mastiff, (8) Akita, (9) Bullmastiff, (10) Husky, (11) Presa Canario, (12) Malamute, (13) Any pet that has any of the above breeds or species in its lineage. If the property owner agrees to allow a pet, applicant will pay a refundable pet fee of $250 per pet, plus a $100 non-refundable pet fee with a potential monthly pet rent based on the pet’s approval. Cats must be spayed or neutered. Puppies and kittens are not allowed must be at least 1 year or older. Companion and support animals are exempt from these fees and restrictions. If you will have an animal, you are required to register them at the link that was at the beginning of the application: 

Contingency Lease 

If at the time of the showing, the applicant wishes to rent the premises, applicant can pay the application fee and the security deposit and sign the rental agreement as a contingency lease (the unit is yours unless you are denied via the application process). The contingency is that Frontline Residential Property Management needs to complete the application process to include: Income verification, credit report, criminal background, and rental history verification. If tenant fails to meet the criteria, the applicant is denied, and the security deposit is refunded. Once you are approved for the property and the deposit has been paid, you must sign the lease within 48 hours (or as otherwise agreed) and begin paying rent for the property no later than 14 days from the day you are accepted. Should you decide that you do not want to continue with the lease agreement and do not wish to move into the property that you applied for and were accepted for – your security deposit is non- refundable. 

Security Deposit 

The security deposit amount varies from property to property and must be paid in advance and must be paid by certified funds (money order, cashier's check, or certified check) 

Short Term Leases 

Generally, Frontline does not accept short-term leases (leases 6 months or shorter) unless approved by the property owner. Every property managed by Frontline is rented for 1 year unless otherwise approved by the property owner. With permission from the owner short-term leases may be accepted. If the owner approves a short-term lease there is a three-month minimum and a monthly assessment to the standard rent of 10% or more of the rent at managements discretion. 

Condition of the Premises 

We believe we have a higher than normal standard in the preparation of our rental units, but our standards may or may not be equivalent to your standards. Unless you see something that you don't like, or something that you would like added, our rentals are rented "as is". We are happy to make your request(s) during the application process; we will gladly present it to the property owner. If the property owner grants our request, the modification will be made prior to you taking occupancy or otherwise annotated on the rental agreement. At no time does Frontline make any promises or guarantees any work to be done to the property at any time unless stated in writing. 

Sight Unseen 

Parties agree that Tenants were given the opportunity to inspect the property prior to signing lease. If Tenants declined to do so and chose to sign lease on subject property sight unseen for their convenience, parties acknowledge that Tenants will be fully obligated to the signed lease agreement should they not take occupancy of the property. Tenant does agree that any maintenance shall be done as stipulated by the Rental Agreement and not the preferences of the tenant since Tenant's agreed to take property sight unseen. 

Signing the Lease 

Once you are approved, you will be notified by phone and you will be required to pay the deposit within 24 hours. Once your deposit is paid, we will prepare the lease and send you a copy to sign.  All adults who have passed the application process and who will be living on the rented premises must sign the lease, including any co-signors.

Rental Market 

Frontline Residential Property Management chooses rent amounts based on current market conditions and instructions from the property owner. 

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